Religious Education

Religious education classes are offered in English or Spanish for children and youth.

Catechism classes with instruction in English are normally offered each Monday for grades 1-5, along with the EDGE Middle School program, from 6:30 until 7:45 pm, throughout the school year.  This includes sacramental preparation instruction for First Reconciliation and First Communion.  Classroom instruction, assemblies, special Liturgies, and community outreach are ingredients of the program.   (Older children, grades 4-8 who need to receive sacraments will meet on Saturday mornings from 10-noon with schedule TBA.)

Sacramental preparation classes with instruction in Spanish are normally offered each Sunday for grades 1-12 immediately following the Spanish Mass, throughout the school year. Parents will also participate in separate classes.

All students preparing for the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Communion will gather for a number of additional events.

Look below for detailed schedules for this school year for Religious preparation in English, Spanish, and for Edge.

Contact Julie, Parish Office, 541-342-1139

Madonna of the Roses by Bouguereau

Religious Education Program 2016-2017 English

— Monday Evenings — 6:30pm to 7:45pm —


19                           Rel Ed Class AND Parent’s Meeting
26                           Rel Ed Class
3                            Rel Ed Class
10                           Rel Ed Class
17                           Rel Ed Class
24                           Rel Ed Class(Called to Protect—Parent meeting)                                         
31                           NO CLASS/ Halloween
7                            Rel Ed Class (Called to Protect— Children’s Activities)
14                          Rel Ed Class
21                           Rel Ed Class(MASS of Thanksgiving)
28                           Rel Ed Class
December                                                     —1st Sunday of Advent: November 27th
5                           Rel Ed Class
12                          Rel Ed Class/Parish Guadalupe Mass
19                          NO CLASS/Christmas Vacation
26                          NO CLASS/Christmas Vacation
2                            NO CLASS/Christmas Vacation
9                            Rel Ed Class
16                           NO CLASS/MLK Holiday
23                           Rel Ed Class
6                           Rel Ed Class(Benediction)
13                          Rel Ed Class                                  
20                           NO CLASS/Presidents Day
27                           Rel Ed Class
Ash Wednesday, March 1st
6                            Rel Ed Class
13                           Rel Ed Class
20                           Rel Ed Class
27                           NO CLASS/ Springbreak
                           NO CLASS/Homeless Hospitality
10                           Rel Ed Class
17                           NO CLASS/EASTER Monday
24                           Rel Ed Class
1                            Rel Ed Class/1st Communion Parent meeting/NO Assembly
8                            Rel Ed Class(Mass)
15                          REl Ed Class/Party/Promotion

Catecismo/Catechism Program 2016-2017 Spanish

— Domingo/Sunday despues la misa — 2:15pm to 3:45pm —
25                           Clases AND Parent’s Meeting Level 2
2                            Clases AND Parent’s Meeting Level 1
9                            Clases
16                           Clases
23                           Clases (CTP junta de padres)
30                           Clases (CTP actividades para niños)
6                           Clases
13                          Clases
20                           Clases
27                           NO CLASES /Thanksgiving Vacation                                                      
4                           Clases  
11                          Clases
18                          NO CLASES/ Christmas Vacation
25                          NO CLASES/ Christmas Vacation
1                           NO CLASES/ Christmas Vacation
8                           Clases
15                          NO CLASES/ MLK Holiday
22                          Clases
29                          Clases
5                           Clases
12                           NO CLASES /Presidents Day       
19                           Clases
26                           Clases
5                            Clases
12                           Clases
19                           Clases
26                           NO CLASES/Springbreak
2                            Clases
9                            Clases
16                           NO CLASES
23                           Clases
30                           Clases
7                           Clases—Level 1; Practice—Level 2
11/12                     ??Primero Comunion Practice—Level  2
13                           Misa de Primero Comunion –Level 2
14                           NO Clases/Mother’s Day (May Crowning)
21                           Clases—Level 1

Edge Middle School Program 2016-2017

— Monday Evenings — 6:30pm to 7:45pm —

19                           NO EDGE/Parents meeting
26                           EDGE night:  Class
3                           EDGE night:  Class
10                           EDGE night:  Class
17                           EDGE night   Class
24                           NO EDGE/Called to Protect Parent’s meeting
31                           NO EDGE/Halloween
7                           EDGE night:  Class/Called to Protect Youth activities
14                          EDGE night:  Class
21                           EDGE night:  Class (Mass of Thanksgiving)
28                           EDGE night:  Class
December                                                                                                      —1st Sunday of Advent: November 27th
5                           EDGE night:  Class
12                          EDGE night:  Class/Parish Guadalupe Mass
19                          NO EDGE/Christmas Vacation
26                           NO EDGE/Christmas Vacation
2                            NO EDGE/Christmas Vacation
9                            EDGE night:  Class
16                           NO EDGE/MLK Holiday
23                           EDGE night:  Class
6                           EDGE night: Class(Benediction)
13                          EDGE night: Class                                       —Ash Wednesday, March 1st
20                        NO EDGE/Presidents Day
27                           EDGE night: Class
6                            EDGE night: Class
13                           EDGE night: Class
20                           EDGE night: Class
27                           NO EDGE/Springbreak
3                           NO EDGE/Homeless Hospitality
10                          EDGE night: Class
17                           NO EDGE/EASTER Monday
24                           EDGE night: Class
1                            NO EDGE /1st Communion Parent’s meeting
8                            EDGE night: Class (Mass)
15                           EDGE night: Class Party/Promotion