Each school year, St. Mary’s provides a weekly class for adults wishing to enter, become full members of the Catholic, or just to learn more information. The process is called the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).

Date Subject Presenter/DVD
Sept. 12 Welcome Session Chris Hainley, Sr
Sept. 19 Is there a God? Faith and Reason Chris Hainley, Sr
Sept. 26 The God We know: Father, Son and Holy Spirit/Prayer Booklet/Prodigal Son Chris Hainley, Sr
Oct. 3 Journey of Faith: Trinity, Faith, and the God Who is Love/Binder & Catechism/Emmaus DVD #1
Oct. 10 Church Tour Fr. Ron Nelson
Oct. 17 Divine Revelation DVD #2/Small groups
Oct. 24 The Bible: God’s Love Letter to Humanity DVD #3
Oct. 31 The Story of Salvation: Creation, Fall, and Redemption DVD #4
Nov. 7 Who is Jesus? Just a Good Man or Lord of Our Lives? DVD #5
Nov.14 The Paschal Mystery: The Mystery of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection DVD #6
Nov. 20-24 Thanksgiving week
Nov. 28 The Holy Spirit & the Life of Grace DVD #7
Dec. 2 Day of Recollection – St. Alice/Time TBA
Dec. 3 1st Sunday of Advent – Rite of Acceptance -Breakout sessions at 9 am Mass
Period of Catechumenate
Dec. 5 Why Do I Need a Church?: The mystery of the Catholic Church DVD #8
Dec. 12 Mary and the Saints: Our Spiritual Mother and the Communion of Saints DVD #9
Dec. 19 No class
Dec. 26 No class
Jan. 2 The Last Things: What Happens after We die? DVD #10
Jan. 9 The Sacraments: Baptism and Confirmation DVD #11
Jan. 16
The Eucharist: Source & Summit of Christian Life
Fr. Robert Barron’s DVD
Jan. 23 Walk Through the Mass: Exploring Sacred Liturgy DVD #13
Jan. 30 Walk Through the Missalette Small groups
Feb. 6 A Catholic Moral Vision: virtue, Grace & the Path to Happiness DVD #16
Feb. 13 Rite of Sending & Prepare for Rite of Election Chris Hainley
Feb. 18 1st Sunday of Lent – Rite of Election TBA
Period of Purification and Enlightenment
Feb. 20 Reconciliation and Anointing of the Sick DVD #14
Feb. 24 Day of Recollection – Location/Time TBA Fr. Ron Nelson
Feb. 25 2nd Sunday of Lent
Feb. 27 Forum Night
Mar. 4 3rd Sunday of Lent – 1st Scrutiny
Mar. 6 Matrimony – First Sacrament of Service DVD #15 Part 1
Mar. 11 4th Sunday of Lent – 2nd Scrutiny
Mar. 13 Matrimony – A Love that Lasts DVD #17 & 18
Mar. 18 5th Sunday of Lent- 3rd Scrutiny
Mar. 20 Holy Orders and Consecrated Life Fr. Ron/DVD #15 Part 2
Mar. 25 Palm Sunday
Mar. 27 Easter Vigil Rehearsal
Mar. 31 Easter Vigil
Period of Mystagogia
Apr. 3 no class
Apr. 10 Formal Dessert Reception
Apr. 17 2nd Mystagogia Session (Catholic Jeopardy/Night Prayer)
Apr. 24 3rd Mystagogia Session (4th Cup)
May. 1 4th Mystagogia Session (DVD #19/Catholic Social Teaching: Building a Civilization of Love DVD #19
May. 8 5th Mystagogia Session (DVD #20/Catholic Social Teaching/Catholic Service organizations DVD #20
May. 15 6th Mystagogia Sessions – Potluck & Benediction
May. 20 Pentecost Sunday – Gather at the 9am Mass
Jun. 12 Summer session
Jul. 10 Summer session